This book tells about how we can successfully educate a child, taking into account the peculiarities of the phases of the age and the latest scientific research.

Having started working with pre-school children (and later with the first grade students), I noticed that children were educated unnaturally – as if a child would visit many classes during the day. Mathematics, art, physical training, Lithuanian language, English language, music, world knowledge are mutually unrelated things: we count crows, we sing about cats, and we speak about oaks during the world knowledge classes. By observing the children, studying the works of various scholars, the idea of contextual education was born. Children not only need a clear structure, but also creative freedom, and the entire education path must be linked by common themes.

I invite to grow together with children – playfully and meaningfully, taking into account the environmental and cultural context. The seasons of the year will unfold with all their beauty in these books and will leave memories of how rich they are and how much they helped to learn.